Welcome to the CATALOGUS STELLARUM, a list of named stars in the vicinity of SOL.

You can SEARCH for stars by clicking in the field at the top of this box, select them from the CELESTIAL SPHERE to the left, or step through them in alphabetical order by pressing the SPACE BAR.

X axis Y axis
Star size represents
Right ascension: sky coordinates (east-west)
Declination: sky coordinates (north-south)
Distance: distance from Earth
Apparent magnitude: relative brightness from Earth
Absolute magnitude: estimated brightness from a standard reference distance
Colour index: colour and temperature: blue is hot, red is cool
Alphabetical: ordered by name


All of the star names are real (attested by at least one source) and the locations are fairly accurate. Information on individual stars is likely to be out of date and should not be relied on by travellers.

Written and coded by Mike Lynch. The CATALOGUS was originally posted on my Twitter account FSVO in 2012. Follow it for updates about this site and more parascientific nonsense.

This web visualisation is in beta. It only works well in Chrome, and doesn't work at all in IE. If you have any bug reports or suggestions, you can get in touch with me at spike.lynch@gmail.com.

The scripts used to generate the visualisation are on Github.

Stellarum release v 1.1 "Herbig-Haro Object"